The Benefits of Going Solar

Reduce your energy bills today

Solar is a great way to reduce your energy bills and your reliance on energy companies by harnessing the sun’s free energy. At Love Solar, we have been delivering solar produced electricity FREE from the sun to households around Australia, and since then.

Install your solar panels with Love Solar and you could save 50% to 90%* of your electricity usage. Install a Love Solar PV system to provide power to your home and supplement this with a battery to store free power for use at night or when the sun’s not shining. Any surplus power can then be fed back into the grid.

We also have an extensive range of commercial solutions for businesses trying to reduce their energy bills, particularly those where a lot of hot water or power is used during daylight hours.

A more sustainable future

Install a Love Solar PV system to enjoy more independence from the grid and then add a Powerwall battery for a complete solution. Our goal is to help you make the decision on which solar solution best suits you, to not only save you money but also reduce your carbon footprint and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Take advantage of Government incentives

The great news about residential and commercial solar is that the Government has included both solar hot water and PV as technologies which are eligible for incentives known as Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs), which are linked to Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET). The value of STCs fluctuate depending on market factors. In commercial applications the incentive increases significantly, as systems go up in size. These incentives are generally paid as a point of sale discount, thus greatly reducing the up-front cost of going solar – your local Love Solar dealer will be able to provide all the information you need during a free on-site solar assessment.

Increase the value of your home

The majority of Australians believe solar power-equipped homes are more valuable than those relying on traditional means of electricity according to research conducted by a leading real estate online website in 2015. There are many other studies done here in Australia and around the world that support this research and although the value is not quantifiable, you would imagine a home with PV or solar hot water would be more saleable than a similar property which is not as energy efficient or eco-friendly. Installing a Love Solar solution means the home has the added benefit of a brand that’s first priority is you.

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