The Top 5 Solar Panels

Solar panels installations have become an integral part of electricity generation across the world. Many homes and businesses have begun to explore the benefits of this source of power. In case you are considering making the switch to solar energy, it is worth the while to examine the top solar panels before you make your choice. It is essential to mention that the opinions in this article are based on the reports from professionals with extensive experience in the PV field. The key features that were examined in the solar panels include efficiency, reliability, quality, as well as the warranties on the solar panels.

  • SunPower

SunPower was launched in 1985, with headquarters situated in California, USA. Over the years, the company has generated about 18,000,000MWh of power in utility, commercial, and residential solar markets. The brand has over 200 patents solar technology and holds the world record for the most effective rooftop solar panels. SunPower solar panels have the capacity to generate about 70% more energy than other competing solar panels brands. The solid copper back of the SunPower modules is almost corrosion-resistant, which eliminates the major failure reasons associated with traditional panels. Maxeon technology, one of SunPower’s patents, absorbs more sunlight and the thick in-built connectors contract and expand seamlessly with the intensity of the temperature shifts.

When it comes to efficiency, the brand’s E20 panels are the best efficient modules with 20%. It is important to mention that SunPower is a premium solar panel, which makes it pricey. However, the prices have significantly reduced within the last year, thanks to the local Australian suppliers agreements. SunPower panels have 25 years performance warranty and product warranty of 25 years.The price is inclusive of materials, labor, workmanship, and transport.

  • SolarWorld

SolarWorld is an incorporated company established in 1988 with its manufacturing facilities and headquarters situated in Germany. With more than thirty years of extensive innovative experience, the company is a pioneer in the field of PV. SolarWorld panels are designed with unique and innovative PERC cell technology that delivers on best performance when compared to other same-sized modules. All panels manufactured by the company are guaranteed for positive power tolerance and an exceptionally long service life. The SolarWorld’s premium module, Bisun, is very active on both sides, making it possible for sunlight coming from all directions to be transformed into electrical energy thereby, generating about 25% additional yield per installed KWp.

SolarWorld’sBisun modules have up to 17% efficiency level more than many competing brands within the same size category. The price of SolarWorld is on the high side because of its innovative technology as well as scarcity in Australian market. When it comes to warranty, it depends largely on the type of module. There are solar panels with 25-year and some others with 30-year linear performance warranty. There is also a 10-year warranty on product, inclusive of workmanship.

LG Solar

In 1985, LG Solar conducted its first solar cell multi-crystalline Researh and Development. Since then, the brand has continued to grow as a leading solar panel provider in the world. Popular for developing top quality solar products, the LG solar panels have received an investment of 30 years of concentrated research and development. It is therefore not surprising that the testing laboratory of LG’s product has been certified by Underwriters Laboratories of the USA and TUV Rheinland of Germany.

The LG Solar panels feature a positive power tolerance, which means the user will constantly get the panel size they have paid for or get the one with higher wattage. It is important to mention that other panel manufacturers feature negative and positive power tolerance, which means users pay for the Watts they don’t get. On efficiency level, the LG Solar panels come with average efficiencies of about 18% while the premium brand, Neon 2 module, has 19.5% efficiency level. LG panels have a 25-year performance warranty and a 12-year product warranty, which include transportation and labor costs. Like all other premium solar panels, LG Solar is also on the high side of the price scale.


Established in 2003 in Taiwan, WINAICO is a leading provider of solar panels with branches and subsidiaries across Australia, Asia, Europe, and USA. The company supplies high-performing crystalline photovoltaic panels across the world. Thanks to the rigorous check and quality control, which include micro-optic, mechanical, and visual inspections, WINAICO solar panels are some of the best quality panels in the market. The panels have also been examined under electro-luminescence tools to check for hot spots, micro cracks, and other defects.When it comes to efficiency, WINAICO PERC modules come at an efficiency level of 18.6%. It has a performance warranty of 25-year and product warranty of 12 years, inclusive of labor costs. On price level, WINAICO panels come at cost effective prices, offering high value for money.

  • REC

Founded in 1996 in Norway, REC is one of the biggest solar brands in Europe. REC is a fully integrated and automated solar company with direct involvement in each aspect of the manufacturing and development processes of its solar panels. Although the company has its headquarters in Europe, the solar panels are manufactured in the company’s state of the art facility in Singapore, Australia. REC’s solar panels are some of the most sustainable panels in the market, with energy pay-back time in a year. In other words, within 12 months of installing it on your roof, the REC solar panels wuldo have generated the same quantity of power used during manufacturing. The Premier panel of REC,TwinPeak, features 16.7% efficiency level with a linear power output warranty of 25 years and product warranty of 12 years, inclusive of workmanship and material. The PEC panels are very cost effective, even though a bit scarce in Australia.


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