Solar & Australia

Solar energy in Australia is reaching new heights in the power sector; Australia maybe the first country to adapt renewable energy as a primary source. Read this article to find out more.

How Solar Energy Can Be Australia’s Next Big Step in Power Generation

Australia has one of the fastest implementations of renewable energy techniques for power generation. It is a fact that renewable energy is abundant in nature especially when solar energy is considered. It will take a million years for it to die out and hence will the energy. The endless time that gives of energy with no limit is a factor to be put into use.

Australia currently has 7.8 GigaWatts capacity for solar energy storage which is set to double in the year 2020. Solar energy is the most efficient, cheap and easy way to power up one’s household and business. It is environment-friendly, and the power source, i.e. is an infinite source, with battery storage it can be beneficial.

Following are the reasons why you should switch to solar energy as a means for power generation of your household, business etc.

1-  You Got to Save the Environment though:

Solar energy doesn’t require the burning of fuels which pollute the environment, but it uses the already abundant energy present, i.e. solar energy. This not only is beneficial to the environment as it requires a solar panel and a battery to store energy and then is driven to home appliances or any other machines. Sunlight is a source of renewable energy, it is highly unlikely in a million years to run out of sunlight.

After the installation of solar panels, their sole purpose is the conversion of energy into electricity without affecting the environment in any way. This green revolution if takes on will help rebuild nature and reduce pollution affecting global warming by lowering its causes.

2-  No excessive Billing:

Australia had its first-ever nationwide blackout back in 2016 which raised many eyebrows in its power generation capabilities. Numerous steps were taken to avoid such a situation, and the country saw its rise in electricity bills. This meant trouble and people had to be more careful to avoid excessive billing. By switching to solar energy, the benefit, you will get in-house production of electricity through solar panels.

3-  Add More appeal to your Property:

In selling your property or giving it off on rent requires the house to be self-sufficient. Adding solar panels and photovoltaic cells to your house will increase its demand and add more value to your property. For better market value installing solar panels is a wise choice and easy to implement.

4-  Sell it or export it to the Grid:

Now comes the best part, what to do when your converted energy gets in excess? The highlight of solar energy is that if the electricity generated is in excess; the surplus can be sent back to the grid. This will add credit in your bills and shed off the billing burden. By installing Photovoltaic batteries, the solar panel will store energy and save it for further use even when the sun shines down. If ever the battery stops working, you could easily switch back to the grid’s electricity.

5-  No Worries about maintenance:

The photovoltaic solar panels connected with grid requires less maintenance. The only essential maintenance includes regular cleaning of the panels. Normally solar panels work for up to 25 years and usually, it’s the inverter that is replaced.

6-   Applicable energy schemes:

The Government of Australia offers various financial incentives for household or businesses responsible for a small-scale renewable energy program. It issues you trad-able certificates for eligible solar Photovoltaic systems. Customers who send their surplus electricity back to the grid are offered this scheme. It serves a beneficial purpose upscale the renewable energy production in small house and business setups.

7-  Various Applications:

The best part about installing solar panels is that it can be used for various applications. There are many variants, i.e. solar thermal, solar water heater etc. this includes not an only conversion of solar energy into electricity but also heat. In many areas in Australia, it is used to distil water in regions which have a limited supply of clean water. Solar energy is a source of powering up satellites in space.

8-  Independence from Fossil Fuels:

The biggest triumph of the 21st century will be a transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. This is a goal that could change the course of this world. It can even end wars and the greed for fuel but instead could bring independence and sovereignty.  The sun is as abundant as ever, and it will continue to be so, approximately 73,000 terawatts of solar energy are shine down the earth.

If one day we can harvest this energy, we will be independent of every single source from earth. Solar panel installed on every single home will be independent of the grid, and we will be free from Billings.  These can-do wonders regarding the power sector.

9-  Low Capital Investment:

The main advantage of Concentrated solar thermal and photovoltaic solar panels is that they will only cost you an initial investment and with low maintenance, you won’t have to worry about any further costs. No one wants to burden themselves with regular duty costs and taxes on electricity from the grid, which might be at risk of increasing its prices in the near future. It’s wise to opt for solar energy power generation products to power your house.

In Conclusion:

Numerous Variants of renewable energy are introduced in the market everyday, but the most successful one and environment-friendly is indeed solar energy. It’s a hot topic for big industries like Tesla solar city and Warren buffets new investment in solar power generation, the advantages are many and the cost less. It also guarantees a long-lasting advantage over the normal grid electricity. Hence making the best choice out there to opt for.


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