Choosing The Best Electricity Plan For You

The summers are here, and they are going to stay. Are you prepared? Have you sorted out your electricity plan?

Australia and the Electricity Game –The Best Energy Plan!

Life without electricity may seem absurd for most of us. As our lives have become intertwined with what it provides for us. Starting from the root onwards everything needs electricity from electric toothbrushes to using electric vehicles. This rather amusing invention of man has completely left us on total dependency.

In a country like Australia where summers are the harshest, the consumption of electricity increases manifolds when compared to that of winters. Those who are hoping to limit their expenditures to a certain budget must take great care. With increasing usage of fans and air conditioners, this might not end up the way one wants them to.

The instructions below would help the general members of the Australian public to save a huge sum of money throughout the year by conserving energy. They are as follows:

Watch out for Peak Time:

Our lives have become completely accustomed to the fact that without light we cannot do any sort of work. The devices we use, the machines we operate with this power comes from a certain supplier. These suppliers have established a certain time period in a certain time of the day. During which the cost per unit, charged normally, would increase by a certain percentage. This may end up with some extra cash in the final bill. Therefore, it is strongly advised to keep the peak time in mind. And try to not to use the heavy-duty machines like the vacuum cleaners or search lamps during this time frame.

Solar may save you?

Solar energy has been around since the earth came into existence, but it was only a few decades ago that we realised how to harvest it. Electricity bills may vary from time to time, and it is upon the supplier what rate they decide. To combat these many people are going for a billing free procedure. The only costs that come along with that of this technology is the solar panels, batteries and fixing charges. After that, the power becomes completely free. But it does have a catch, and that is less power. Also, if you are living in a shady or rainy part of Australia, this might not be a very good option.

Do Smart Meters help?

It is the basic trait of many intelligent people that they try to analyse the jobs that they undertake. The sole purpose, being able to identify points for improvement. Such is the case with smart meters, which are basically provided by certain companies. They are keeping the logs of consumption with respect to a certain period of time. This data is then sent to the electricity provider who in turn sends it to the consumer. The consumer can then vary the usage so that the final bill may be tailored according to the needs of the consumer.

Use Non-Conventional Methods:

The world of science has advanced significantly and what it has taught us is immense. The one thing it has explained clearly is the fact that houses with strong insulation are much more suitable for conserving power than those that do not. The use of other techniques such as the use of double-glazed windowpanes can pay off. Although most of these things can take place in new houses when they are being built or would require major changes to be made in the structure of the old houses. But all these small things add up to a very healthy amount of savings.

Go for Energy Saver Appliances:

With the introduction of modern science new and energy conserving appliances and machines have replaced the old and power thirsty technologies. When staying in Australia new and latest appliances must be bought. This may seem odd, but the newer technologies have a much better energy conserving ratio than the old ones.

For this particular reason, the DC air conditioning system is using electricity on a minor level. Not only this helps save the planet but also benefits the wallet as well. The use of brushless motors in grinders can save the energy wasted during the heating of the brushes.

Choose wisely:

When looking for a connection and trying to work out a solution to your power problems. Do give your electricity provider a quick glance as they may be part of the problem itself and the easiest remedy is to change them as soon as possible.

There are some electricity providers who would provide you with an uninterrupted supply of power and also give you some special offers that may include a reduction in the bills. But they may have a downside of exit fees. Their exit fees may become huge if they are not talked about during the time of connection. But all in all, this gives the Australian people a very nice chance of saving huge sums.

Is being informed beneficial?

Most of the people of Australia might not even know the importance of being informed about the way they are being charged. The two ways they are charged are:

  1. With fixed charges
  2. With variable charges

All of these add up to a very healthy routine as these may change accordingly. But one can analyse the general trend and then try to mould their use according to the plan. A sort of well managed and an organised plan emerges which would benefit the consumer at the end of the day.

Secondly, the method of turning the appliances on only when they are needed is one of the most crucial technique in order to saving thousands.


The climate in Australia can be very harsh at times, but the introduction of good management can take one a great deal. The use of electricity has had a great impact on the general population. The use of energy efficient appliances, using solar panels or insulating your house can very well be the start of a great saving year. As most of our funds are wasted while paying the bills.



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