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We are an Australian owned solar distributor specialising in solar panel installation right across the nation. We provide quality workmanship, warranties and only the highest quality of product options to meet your needs at exceptional pricing and combine those skills with only the highest standards of customer service.

Have you considered installing solar to take advantage of the huge savings you can make on your electricity bill, but with all the bad press around about installation and solar companies, you’ve no idea where to start or even whether you should! That’s where we come in.

With over 10 years combined experience in the industry between directors and experience in companies such as Ausgrid, Origin and some of Australias largest electricity providers, you are in good hands!

Own Your Solar for $0 Upfront

We have now made it even easier for Australians to enjoy the benefits of owning their own solar.

Just $0 upfront is all you need to get Solar today!

At Love Solar Our tailored solutions are designed to match your everyday needs and lifestyle-so join the 1.5 million Australian households who now use their savings on their electricity bill to off-set their own Solar System

You’re paying for it anyway so why not have something to show for it you know it makes sense!

Contact Love Solar today so YOU can start enjoying the benefits of owning a solar system for $0 upfront today.

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Customer Service

It’s no secret that customer service is lacking in the solar industry. From all the horror stories to all the terrible after service support.

At Love Solar we pride ourselves with our friendly staff and knowledgeable sales team.
We don’t want to make you a client of Love Solar, what we really want is to make you a raving fan! This ensures that you’ve been serviced correctly and that anyone you know thinking of getting solar installed will also be serviced in the same manner!

Whether or not we install for you in the end, we always welcome enquires and would love to assist you in choosing the best system for you!

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Warranty Guarantee


10 Year Inverter Warranty


10 Year Batter Warranty


25 Panel Warranty

Love solar is proud to be sponsoring Solar Aid

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