10 Ways to lower your electricity Bill

The rise in your electricity bills might be worrying you, the Cost of electricity in Australia is increasing every day. Fret Not, because we will tell you 10 ways to reduce the cost by simple methods.

10 Ways to Improve Australian Electricity Costs

In politics, wasting a good crisis is usually considered as cutting off the nose to spite the face. Australia faced its biggest crises in the power sector in 2016 with a first-ever nation-wide blackout. This raised many eyebrows in Australia’s capability of generating power and possible corruption in the power sector. First things first, the reason can be many, but it certainly was a precursor to the ever increasing all time high billing costs today. According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, about 44% of retail customers pay more in real terms for electricity than 10 years ago.

To avoid excessive billing in this current financial climate here are 10 ways to shed off the costly burden of electricity by smarter methods to improve your living,

Start with Your Appliances:

The first thing that is directly in contact with your electricity is the appliances you use obviously. Many appliances are only for temporary use while some are constantly in use. For example, your phone charger doesn’t need to be on all the time or even the TV. Try turning off gadgets which are not to be used constantly and let the important ones like Refrigerator on. In that way, you will be giving off it its required quota without wasting excessive energy.

Buy Gadgets according to your need

Some people have a habit of trying everything they see, they like to keep up to the newest trends, well if you want your electricity bill not to touch the sky then you must be able to decide effectively what you will be needing. For example, in choosing a washing machine usually, the better option is a front-loading washer, which is not only efficient in work but environment-friendly too.

Summertime Saving:

Summer is one of the toughest seasons in Australia, and since life matters more than bills, people lay haste to energy and not pursue a smarter approach causing bills to spike high. In summers a proper Heating and Cooling system should be installed which will keep the temperature optimum. Here are some of the few methods to do so,

  1. Insulating your roof and ceiling
  2. Using a damper to seal Chimney
  3. Avoid using Down lights instead use Compact Fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs)
  4. Shading your windows

Give your Fans a Spin:

Install ceiling fans in your house to limit the use of air conditioner. Using air conditioner for excessive time can cost you high bills. Ceilings can maintain an optimum temperature on normal summer days. Use air conditioner only when the weather is too hot or humid, try to operate it early.

Led Lights: The best Alternative for lighting

Switching to Led lights is a wise solution to excessive billing, it doesn’t cost much, and the initial investment won’t be expensive too. They last 5-10 times longer and are environment-friendly. They are a lot cooler and won’t affect the room temperature. Their light is a better alternative to halogen downlights.

Hot water and Heaters: A high time contributor to Costly bills

Hot water heaters consume 1/5 of the household electricity, especially in winters when hot water is required 24/7 it does contribute a lot to the bill. To avoid this problem, one should hire Licensed plumbers who will install timers on your water heating equipment which will cause it not to draw power at the peak hours while maintaining the water temperature as required. The backyard pool can also consume much power in filling and draining, one ought to contact the local pool shop to optimise power usage.

Saving Energy In the kitchen:

When it comes to the kitchen, there is no choice left but to compromise. Food is an essential part of our lives and since it needs preparation the costly products in our kitchen serves a big purpose n preserving, preparing and cooking them. Still, this can be saved by optimising their use in a smarter way.

For example, a fridge which runs 24 hours a day, its door should be tightly sealed so not to let the heat get into it which causes it to use energy to maintain itself, similarly, use economy size dishwasher only when its full and organise accordingly. Whilst cooking always tries to freeze the leftover and not waste extra energy in preparing new food every single day.

Check Out Good Energy Offers:

The easy and efficient way to reduce your bill cost in Australia is to check energy saving deals, which many companies provide. Victorian Energy Compare is a free and independent tool, which lets you compare various energy offers in gas, electricity and other power aspects to save the best energy deal. The comparison will hardly take up to 10 min and can save you as much as $330 per annum.

Go Solar:

The most environmentally friendly and efficient way to conserve energy and save our biosphere too and obviously reducing your electricity cost is to install solar panels and use solar energy for your daily appliances, it requires a one-time installation and a lifetime benefit.

Save with Solar is a company, which offers installation of solar panels and other products for your appliances.

Go Green:

It implies that also taking up solar energy as an alternative you could probably use other energy sources, such as tidal water. Also, biomass fuel system to power your house without using the main electricity from government. Instead, provide an environment friendly power source to your house. Moreover, if it is in excess you could provide it to the government and they would be paying back to you or even cutting your main electricity bill expenditures.


Improving your bill costs and reducing the burden f excessive bills surely is a hard task and requires consistent consideration for effective outcomes. Following the above-mentioned methods will not only provide you with a better solution, but it will have a better impact on the environment too.


The summers are here, and they are going to stay. Are you prepared? Have you sorted out your electricity plan?

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